Radiation-Free Induction Cooker

 Folife Radiation-Free Induction Cooker is the national key new product, and also is the star product in the company. It is used Global Exclusive Radiation-Free Technology, which can efficiently annihilate the radiation to protect people healthy. Tested by the state authority, the rate of elimination reached 99% with compared to similar products.
 Folife radiation-free induction cooker is designed exquisite and elegant, completely meet the modern lifestyle demands. It has many excellent features, such as touch sensor control, timer, LED display, versatile cooking mode, thermal insulation, adjustable fire lever, max power of the 2100W, child lock function. It is characteristic with good performance, elegant appearance, highly heat efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost, safe and reliable.
 At the moment, the company has developed various radiation-free induction cookers to suit for different market demands, including household type, embedded type (double cooker), hot pot type and tea pot type, widely applicable for promotion, gift, home, restaurant and hotel.

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