Computer Radiation Annihilator

  Folife computer radiation annihilator can be the computer monitor, host, keyboard and mouse eliminated all electromagnetic radiation. It can eliminate computer radiation rate up to 93%~96%.
  Folife computer radiation annihilator is made of patented technology, characteristic with eliminating electromagnetic radiation of computer and peripheral equipment, over-voltage protection function, radiation detect button, suitable for computer both desktop and laptop, releasing negative oxygen ions , to create a clean natural indoor air. It has a function of radiation detection, which can easily detect and eliminate the electromagnetic radiation hazards. Applied to low, medium and high frequency radiation to eliminate to protects computer Users' health. It is compact and lightweight, easy to operate.
  Now the company has developed many different types, rich colors, elegant appearance, small, set energy saving, environmental protection, utility in office and home, widely applicable for promotion and gift.

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