YDB-18 Versatile electric tester

Versatile electric tester

The product model :YDB-18
Super far distance remote high voltage ( nearly ).
In the conductor layer distinguish power zero, firewire.
Quick find cable, wire, electric blankets and other insulating layer in disconnected position.
The contact electrical inspection of digital display.
Detection of electromagnetic radiation.
Static check, can detect fabrics category.
   Folife is the first company for developed Versatile Electric Tester in the domestic. Versatile Electric Tester is the national patent product, and capable of detecting whether the modern electrical appliances electric wire for supporting electrical tools.
   Folife Versatile Electric Tester is like a pen type, compact and convenient. Its key characteristic is quick remote test, measurement of electric on-off, finding cable breakpoint to various electrical equipments without contacting. It can detect fabrics category, automatic alarm, inspect and maintain the performance of electrical equipment. It can be self-checking function, digital, acoustic and optical display, detection of electromagnetic radiation, thereby effectively to protect the personal safety.
   Nowadays there are various versatile electric testers in the company. It is widely suitable for factories, mines and families and has served millions of users since it launched.

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